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Museum of Chora :: Virgin Mary, Josep and the enrollment fo

Virgin Mary, Josep and the enrollment fo

In this panel of mosaics, located in the north of Section A. the census carried out for the enrollment for taxation is dealt with. The Roman Emperor Augustus has decreed a census all through the Imperial lands. Joseph. who is a descendent of the house of David. takes his fiance Mary from Nazereth and goes to Bethlehem in the Judea province. for this enrollment. Syria's governor Cyrenius is. seated on a chair, with a white headgear on his head, and he is clad in a himation buckled at the { shoulder. Behind him stand an armoured guard. At the middle is the official who is in charge of the registration, and another man standing beside him and holding a sword in his hand. The Virgin standing in front of a house with trees and is being enrolled. Joseph seen with a halo over his head, behind him stand his four sons. The inscription of three lines seen at the middle of the panel is an explanation of subjects dealt in the mosaics.


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Chora Byzantium's Shining Piece of Art".

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