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Museum of Chora :: Water being turned intowine

Water being turned intowine

On the ceiling located between the door at the entrance to the museum and the door leading to the inner narthex, the miracle of water being turned into wine is depicted.

In the town of Cana in Galilea a wedding party is taking place. Among those invited are Jesus Christ, his apostles and his mother Mary .During the festivities the stocks of wine in the house are depleted. After his mother telling him that "there is no more wine left" , Christ orders the servants to fill the six big jars standing there with water. After the jars being filled, Jesus asks them to take a goblet and fill it from one of the jars, and take it to the governor of the wedding. The governor, after taking a sip tells them that there is no water but wine in the goblet, and all those present are astounded, and they restore their faith in Jesus. On the panel of mosaics, this miracle of Jesus is depicted. In front of the jars, the servants are seen carrying water; one empties the pitcher he holds into the jar, and the other servant approaches with a pitcher on his shoulder. At the left side of the panel, we see a group of apostles watching this miracle of Christ with amazment and in awe. Again at this partition, another miracle by Jesus, the sacrifice of a bull is seen. On the south side, such miracles of Jesus like the multiplication of loaves of bread are illustrated. (John 2: 1-10)


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Chora Byzantium's Shining Piece of Art".

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