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Museum of Chora :: Three Magi from the East in audience wit

Three Magi from the East in audience wit

In the mosaics on the inner narthex wall at the immediate right of the museum entrance door, three Magi are depicted in audience with King Herod. Telling him that they have discovered the coming birth of Christ from the stars. King Herod is depicted seated on a throne in front of the door, addressing the Magi. There, a guard is seen behind the King. The artist creating the mosaic picture has depicted the Magi in the front with a white beard, the one behind him with a black beard and the third one as a young man. And the shining star in question is seen clearly on the sky. The Magi, who informed King Herod of the natal place, have received an answer such as this: ..Go and find me that child. I shall prostrate in reverance to him." But the King shall never keep his promise. Beehind the three Magi, a composition of other Magi are seen riding on horseback, headed for Jerusalem.


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Chora Byzantium's Shining Piece of Art".

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