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Ephesus :: Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates at the a

The most magnificent of the three entrances to the Agora was the gate alongside the Celsus Library which was dedicated to Augustus and his family by slaves, Mazaeus and Mithridates. The gate was constructed in 40 A.D. The dedicatory inscription in Latin belonging to the work is visible on one side, and was made in inlaid letters of bronze. The two prisoners originally were employed by Augustus and later by his son in law Agrippa. Subsequently they were manumitted and settled in Ephesus. After making their fortunes they had this gate constructed and dedicated in honour of their former master. Built in the form of a ceremonial arch, the gate consists of three sections.

The second magnificent gate of the Agora was this one, located on the west, The front was richly decorated with Ionian columns, and the gate, which was somewhat high, was reached by a stairway. An inscription found near the gate reads "Whoever urinates here will be punished".



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