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Ilhan Aksit was born in Denizli in 1940. He graduated as an archeologist in 1965, when he was assigned to a post related to the excavation of Aphrodisias. He was director of the Canakkale-Troy Museum between 1968-1976, when the replica of the Trojan Horse we now see on the site was constructed. He directed the excavation of the Chryse Apollo Temple over a period of five years. From 1976 to 1978, the author acted as the director of the Underwater Archeology Museum in Bodrum and was appointed as the Director of National Palaces in 1978. During his directorship, the author was responsible for the restoration and reopening of these palaces to public after a long period of closure. In 1982, he retired from his post to take up a career as an author of popular books on Turkish archeology and tourism. He has nearly four titles to his credit to date, including 'The Story of Troy', 'The Civilizations of Anatolia', 'The Blue Journey', 'Istanbul' and 'The Hititites'.


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