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Mevlana :: Celebi Husameddin

Celebi Husameddin

Sometime after the death of Seyh Selahaddin, another figure emerged in Mevlana's Iife who was to inspire him to write his great work, the ''Mesnevi'', That person was Celebi Husameddin. Celebi Husameddin was the son of Muhammed (whose father was Hasan) Ahi-Turk. His line can be attending classes at his madrasa from district of Meram then became the traced to Ebul-Vefa-i Kurdi'ye, who an early age, and taking part in his organisational centre of the Mevlevi. died in Baghdad in 1107.His ancestors mystic ceremonies-sema. On Mevlana sending all that he was given had migrated from Urmiye to Anatolia reaching his teens, he and the entire to Husameddin for distribution to the and settled in Konya. His father was Ahi group and all his followers joined followers.

Leader of the Ahis of the Konya the community of Mevlana, obtaining Husameddin, who also taught at regios, the.once his title (Ahi-Turk), and blessings from Sems and Selahaddin. several Konya madrasas, underwent Celebi. Husameddin became known as After Seyh Selahaddin's death he an extensive education as a youth, Ahi-Turkoglu. became a close companion to Mevlana received instruction from Mevlana Husameddin Celebi was orphaned at and was appointed his successor. On under whose guidance he became an an early age, and was giveohis joining the community he presented to initiate to the mystic path, and father's position as leader of the Ahis Mevlana the entire fortune of the reached a degree of Sufic attainment. by members of that semi-chivalrous leader of the Ahis, and his own For ten years he acted as his deputy organisation who placed him on his wealth, imploring him to use it for the (naip) and close assistant (halife: father's pelt-the symbolic post of the community , and the distribute his appointed successor) and was praised head of the order. Husameddin had wealth amongst his followers. by Mevlana with the following long been an admirer of Mevlana, Husameddin's house in the rural phrases: "Enlightened one, endowed with grace, lustre of the spirit, keen beyond the level of the ultimate in.

After the death of Sems and edge of love and faith, generous divine devotion, Selahaddin matured Selahaddin, Mevlana Celaleddin 'Husameddin." He effectively took his esoteric leanings, while gradually attained a level of mystical the place of Sems and Selahaddin for Husameddin was responsible for gnosis by which his early ecstasy Mevlana, So much s6 that he went encouraging the great was transformed into a state of nowhere without him, it was as it philosopher-poet to express the controlled, mature rapture, Celebi Sems had re-emerged in Husameddin, essence of his devotive notions in the Husameddin, observing this Sems had been responsible for six volume work, the Mesnevi, which developmentin his spiritualleader-pir, creating the sufic personality of was to be a work of great importance took it upon himself to translate this Mevlana, for nurturing his mystic self for mystic literature, mystical message, this naturity into communicable terms, so that the enlightenment Mevlana expressed in his person could betransferred to mankind in general. Mevlana's work, the Divan, an anthology of his poems, was completed by this time, and he began work on the Mesnevi on Celebi Husameddin's suggestion, presenting him with the first 18 verses, saying: "From now on I will recite and you will write the rest."


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