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Mevlana :: Divan-i Kebir

Divan-i Kebir

This is a work of complete lyrics, mystical odes consisting of the entire spectrum of meters in Divan literature, 21 in all, arranged in alphabetical order, and quatrains. The lyrics contain a total of 44,834 couplets, which, together with the 3530 couplets in the quatrains (the latter numbering 1765 in all) gives the total number of couplets in the work as 48,364.

Mevlana used the pseudonym of Semseddin-i Tebrizi in his lyrics, for which reason the Divan-i Kebir is often called the Divan-i Sems- Tebrizi especially in the eastern Islamic countries. In several of the lyrics one finds the pseudonym of Mevlana's follower Seyh Selahaddin. The Divan- Kebir is basically a work expressing mystical love, in which the poet goes beyond the mere expression of this love to infuse the work with his experience of it as an overwhelming torrent of emotion. As a poet, Mevlana breaches the strictures of verse and expresses in almost uncontrollable passion the ecstasy of inebriation as one who is completely immersed in the divine love. He frees his creative spirit by immersing it in an all-embracing mystic devotion.

The Divan-i Kebir has been translated in part into various languages, and was first translated into Turkish in full by the Mevlevi scholar Abdulbaki Golpinarli, who published the work in prose in eight volumes, together with the quatrains. Selections from the quatrains have also been translated separately into Turkish prose by H. Rifat and M.N. Gencosman.


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