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Mevlana :: Seyh

The highest level of dervishhood was that of the sheyh, who, as head of a convent, was considered the representative of Mevlana and the spiritual guide -pir- of the order. The sheyhs of the Mevlevi convent in Konya were always descended from the patrimonial line of Mevlana himself, and were chosen from amongst the highest-ranking members of his line the Celebi. Celebi often became the sheyhs of other convents as well, although other branches of the order also appointed sheyhs from their own members. However, the appointment of a sheyh rested ultimately with the pir, the head of the Konya dergah.

The sheyh was considered the most spiritually and intellectually mature member of the order. His authority was paramount, but he was assisted in his duty as head of the order or convent by a group of elder dervishes, among them the Tarikatci Dede, or chief religious guide of the order, the Ascibasi, or chief of service and the Meydanci or Master of Ceremonies, who also took an important part in the ceremonies and rituals of the order.


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Mevlana and the Mevlana Museum".

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