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The theatre which dates from IInd century AD from the times of Hadrian was restored in IIInd century by Septimus Severus utilizing the rows of seats they had taken off from the ancient theatre to the north of the city instead of using marble as before, doubtless for lack of financial means. The stage was transformed under Septimus Severus and family , the foundations of the wall of the stage were reinforced to which leant a columned facade. The rich decoration of this facade is particularly impressive. The columns of the facade are surmounted by panels where mythological scenes describing Apollo and Artemis are illustrated.

The facade was decorated with valuable statues. The decoration of the facade of the hyposcaneium was very beautiful. This section has also been recently restored. The serpentine column and the marble wall are remarkably impressive. The citizens of Hierapolis had to spend a lot of efforts in order to complete this theatre lavishly decorated. Nevertheless they were unable to come to an end of the works as we see unfinished columns. According to an inscription of the architrave, the facade of the stage having been though weak, it underwent restoration in 352 AD.

The orchestra of the theatre was transformed into a pool where water exhibitions took place. Leaned against a high hill the lower diazoma comprised 20 rows of seats and the upper diazoma 25, 45 in all, of which 30 remain today .8 corridors with steps separate the rows of seats. The facade of the stage had five doors where in niches stood statues six in number. These faced the 10 columns. The mythological scenes represented on the stage have similar traits with those at the theatre of Perge.



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