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Pamukkale  :: Drain Pipes and Monumental Fountain

Drain Pipes and Monumental Fountain

Water came to Hierapolis by two aquaducts on the slope of the hills against which it leant. This aquaduct was between Pamukkale and Karahayit towards the east of the city can be seen today .The sewage system constructed on a hill to the east of the town converged at a tank where brick drain pipes transported water . There was another system of drainage as well where the waste water gathered. This was covered by large rocks. There pipes conveyed water to the dwellings as well.

Hierapolis had two nymphaeums which where fed by these waters. The first monumental fountain is visible from the south of the main street. In front of the fountain in the peribolum of the Temple of Apollo is a pool. On the facade of the wall in the rear stood statues. Observation has been made of the fact that in the construction of this fountain rocks transported from other places had been used.

The construction of this decorated fountain dates from the end of IIIrd century AD or beginning of IVth. On the two walls of the larger one a Byzantine door had been constructed which transformed them into walls in which caravanserails would take shelter. Here one can see some of the sections of this refined art.



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