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There is a big church dating from VI the century AD in the street behind the baths. The architectural structure of the church resembles the decoration at the time of Justinianus of the church St John in Ephesus.

The vaulted structure contains three naves and has the form of an ancient Byzantine basilica. it seems that they made use of it until Xlth century .The architectural elements which are in the pool of the Pamukkale hotel have their origin in this church and in the main street. In Hierapolis are also other churches. Just in the main street exists a church which must have been flanked by two porticoes gives access to this structure through which one passes to the narthex.

Around the apse to the left of the central nave are traces of synthrone where priests sat during religious ceremonies. The marble columns and the architraves are very impressive. The church is called ''The columned Church''. The Roman baths in the necropolis must have been transformed into a church in IVth century during the christianism.In Hierapolis are also other theatres and churches.



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