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Topkapi Palace


During the course of my tenure as Director General for the National Palaces in Istanbul, it was often necessary to explore the depths of the Ottoman palaces. On one hand I was involved in getting the Dolmabahce and Beylerbeyi Palaces ready to be opened to the public and on the other I was having the palace archives catalogued. From the documents I read, I became aware just how rich the six centuries of Ottoman history were and I never failed to be amazed by the works remaining from that period.

In my capacity as President of the Turkish Association of Tourism Authors and Journalists, I came to really appreciate the necessity of familiarizing the whole world with the magnificent life and riches of this great empire.

For this reason I have thought it appropriate to prepare this book in order to better acquaint you with the wealth of history and art we have inherited from the six centuries of Ottoman rule.

This Prestigious book was published to commemorate the 700 th anniversary of the founding of the Ottoman Empire (1299-1999).

In the course of my preparation of this book, I received the close interest and attention of Dr. Hulya Tezcan, head of the Sultan's Garments Section, Goksen Sonat, Hulya Tuncay and Nurdan Erbahar, head of the Antique Chinese Porcelains Section, as well as of those in charge of many other sections. I wish to acknowledge the assistance provided by Mrs. Zumrut Aksit, an art historian who also happens to be my wife, and I offer my thanks to those who took the photographs, as redactor Ali Afyon and to all those whose efforts contributed to the publication of this book.

Ilhan Aksit


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Topkapi Palace Hardcover".

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