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Blue Voyage :: Port of Sögüt

Port of Sögüt

Port of Sogut takes place at the extreme south end of Karaca Port which is located at 4 nautical miles south-west of the Sehir Islands facing Karacaada. You may easily come alongside the Port of Sogut surrounded by green plants hosting the Ince Creek flowing among them and may connect your yacht to the wooden pier to enjoy the charming summer houses and restaurants. You can reach there by land from Marmaris which is very close. You can meet your potable water requirements on the west-pier and shower needs on the beach. You can also meet your limited requirements such as telephone, ice or food. Near Andizil Cape of Sogut Port takes place the Canak Inlet where a fish breeding farm is located. Appearance of this inlet has a distinguished beauty harmonious with the surrounding green environment.


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