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Blue Voyage :: Island of Pigs

Island of Pigs

The Island of Pigs is the island which is nearest to the peninsula, among the 12 islands in the Gulf of Fethiye. The island, covered with olive and pine trees, has an altitude of 256 m above sea level. There is house and a quay in the northeast of the island which belong to Belma Simavi.

The other parts of the island belong to the Huseyin and Ibrahim Unsal brothers. The inlet that extends inwards in the northwest point of the island, is an ideal place of anchorage. It is also possible to anchor in the indentations in the east and west of the inlet. There are some ruined remains of buildings and churches but they are in the forest and therefore are not noticeable.

The same kind of remains are found in all the islands of this gulf. Ancient writers state that people lived here during the Byzantine period and during the Ottoman period, Greek people lived here, but they migrated to Rhodes by way of exchange of populations following World War 1. Owing to this fact, the remains of the buildings belonging to Byzantium and the Greek people, are very unimportant and do not have any historical value. Probably the island was called the Island of Pigs because there were many pigs there until recently.


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