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Blue Voyage :: Island of Tersane

Island of Tersane

The largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye is the Island of Tersane (Dockyard). A deep channel, 100 m wide, provides entry to the Inlet of Tersane which extends inwards from the northwest of the island a natural harbor. You can drop anchor anywhere in the inlet except the eastern part which is shallow. Since the western part is closed to the effect of the southwest and north winds, it is safer to anchor here. A restaurant on the island, managed by a young man called Yildirim Acar, has the quality to meet your demands easily. We know that the Island of Tersane which was formerly called Telandria, was inhabited in the past, but the remains of the ruined houses of the island, which are seen from the land and sea, total only about 140. Owing to the fact that the inhabitants of the island migrated to Rhodes in the year 1923, these houses that they left behind are in ruins now. There are the remains of two churches, one of which is near the well and the other is on the hill; and the tomb of the chief of the people who lived here in the past, is in the west. Since the Ottoman fleet used the island as a dockyard during World War I, it is called by this name today. The rocks related to the dockyard, which still lie in the sea, also indicate this fact. It is known that the people who lived here before the exchange of population, used to deal in stock breeding and growing fruits. Fruit is grown here today and there are herds of goats.


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