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Blue Voyage :: Inlet of Kokar

Inlet of Kokar

After leaving Gokkaya you reach the inlet at the mouth of the stream called Kokar Cayi. You drop anchor temporarily in the inlet which is exposed continuously to wind and waves coming from the southwest. The ruins of Andriake are just behind this inlet. This locality is the port city of Myra which is in the vicinity.

Great granaries were built in this place which became important during the Roman Period and especially during the time of Hadrian, and they were used to store cereals. The aqueducts through which water was carried to the city, the fountain seen near the harbor, the Agora built in the year 129 AD, surrounded by shops on its three sides, including seven rooms and called "placoma", and also the granary building west of the Agora called "Granurium" are all situated here. Let us go and visit the ancient city of Myra in the Fortress, after having seen the sarcophagi in the locality of necropolis and the site of ruins where there are two churches.


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