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Sinan The Architect :: Guesthouses

The Sehzade Guesthouse (between 1543-48) forms a double structure, the glass turreted dome of its entrance hall flanked by two domes covering other rooms situated on either side. A kervansaray is situated next to the building.

The Suleymaniye Guesthouse (1555) has a porticoed courtyard with double domed eyvans on two sides and a third eyvan opposite the entrance, whose , main dome and two semidomes resemble the structure of the mosque. With its fine proportions, it forms a beautiful composition. A kervansaray was situated below the neighbouring refectory.

The Atik Valide Guesthouse (before 1579) facing the refectory, it forms a fine composition with the porticoed courtyard it shares with the same refectory and the kervansaray.


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Turkish Art and Architecture in Anatolia and Mimar Sinan".

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