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Turkish Cuisine :: Turkish Beverage Culture and Raki

Turkish Beverage Culture and Raki

Turkish Beverage Culture and Raki

Turkish people prefer Raki as the alcoholic beverage which is consumed with the starters that are various appetizers served in small quantities. In the Ottoman Times it was customary to serve Raki with parsley and ice to give a special flavor to anaseed aroma. Raki is consumed either plain or diluted with water. Season's fruits such as cherries, fresh green almonds, sugar melon, red or green plum, maltese plum, and white cheese accompany Raki which is always consumed chilled. The starters that go with Raki are numerous. Dishes cooked in olive oil are also considered starter as well as boreck, croquette, stuffed mussels, calarnari, octopus, fried red or green pepper and tomatoes.

Ravioli, mackarel, liver khebab, salted anchovy, bonito preserve, dry bean solad, fresh salad, sordine, fish roe, mashed eggplant, yogurt, goose liver stew, Circassian chicken are the favorite dishes to be served with Raki, Roasted chickpeas, almonds and fresh ujolnuts ore preferred when drinking Raki which is the only alcoholic beverage to have innumerable side dishes. Turkish people definitely consume Raki with fish.

In the recent years vineyards and beer production has increased considerably. New kinds of gropes are grown in special vineyards. The wine culture has progressed. Californian style vineyards hove started producing Italian and French quality wines. Tobacco is olso groiun in Turkey. Recently, cigar is made of imported ingredients and know-how from Cuba.


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