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Cappadocia (Kapadokya) :: Saint Barbara Church

Saint Barbara Church

The entrance of this church behind Elmali Kilise is on the south of building. It owes its name to the illustration of St. Barbara facing the entrance. It is erected on a ground plan in the shape of a Greek cross.

The west, the north and the south arms of the cross are barrel-vaulted while the central space, the west arm, and the two comers in the east are covered by cupolas.

The central apse is limited by a soffit with a fronton of which the centre is open supported by arches which are small in lateral sections and large at the entrance. One sees on the walls motifs painted in the main apse Christ Pantocrator.

On the north arm of the cross we find Saint Georges and Theodorus and on the west arm St. Barbara. The church dates from the first half of 11th century.


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