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Museum of Chora :: Mary and Joseph bidding each other farew

Mary and Joseph bidding each other farew

Joseph is seen with a child near him and bidding farewell to Mary . On the panel. we see big buildings in the background and Joseph in the middle, with a halo over his head. Joseph is raising his right hand in a gesture of greeting Mary. and is walking away. Mary stands in a manner showing her sadness. twisting her head and crossing her arms. Someone carrying a basket watches over this scene. At the corner designated as No.38. next to this farewell scene. Zacchariah is seen. The complementary part in which Mary was depicted and the mosaics opposite are destroyed. On the adjacent panel of mosaics No.40, the breaking of the good news to Anne, Mary's mother, of the coming birth of Mary is taken up as its subject-matter. While Gabriel announces the coming birth of Jesus to Anne, a servant is seen listening to them. On the arch (41-a) between section C and the adjacent section H, such scenes as the meeting of St. Anne with Joachim, and Virgin Mary being led by Joseph to his house, are depicted. In the latter scene, Mary , Joseph and one of Joseph's children are seen.


Above text and pictures are from the book titled "Chora Byzantium's Shining Piece of Art".

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